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Dual End Tidal CO2 / O2 Delivery Cannula

Latex FreeDisposableNeonatal/Pediatric Sizing

Neonatal and Pediatric Sizes


SKU DescriptionSizeLuer LockQTY Price

Dual ETCO2/O2 Cannula

NeonatalMale25 $135.95

Dual ETCO2/O2 Cannula

NeonatalFemale25 $135.95

Dual ETCO2/O2 Cannula

PediatricMale25 $124.95

Dual ETCO2/O2 Cannula

PediatricFemale25 $124.95


  • Two end tidal CO2 ports provide excellent sampling accuracy and superior waveforms
  • Reliable sampling regardless of clogged sinus in one nostril, deviated septum or polyps
  • Oxygen delivered at a lower rate, thus minimizing mucosal wall damage
  • Secure luer lock connection for both male and female connectors
  • Soft tip cannula provides superior patient comfort and nares positioning
  • Non-kinking tubing ensures consistent and accurate delivery
  • Universal oxygen connector standard on all versions