Pocket Aneroid with Case

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Compact And Portable Pocket Aneroid


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Pocket Aneroid

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Pocket Aneroid

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Pocket Aneroid

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Pocket Aneroid

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Pocket Aneroid

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  • Baum Pocket Aneroid is a 300 mmHg portable instrument
  • Built to agree with master instruments
  • Complies with ANSI/AAMI SP-9 for accuracy and performance (1% full scale +/- 3mmHg)
  • Unique, high contrast scale and red pointer increase visiblity and reduce parallax error
  • Manufactured with a precision low friction movement and twin preseasoned phophor-bronze diaphragm capsules
  • Center of bladder clearly marked on inner and outer surfaces of cuff for correct application on right or left limb
  • Cuff material is tightly woven, urethane coated, heat set, Dacron polyester fabric
  • Standard calibrated V-Lok cuff color in medium blue
  • Compact and convenient
  • Complete and ready to use
  • Available in black latex tubing or terracotta orange non-latex tubing


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