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VentFlo ETCO2/O2 Cannula with Reflective Connector

Latex FreeNonsterileDEHP FreeDisposableNeonatal/Pediatric Sizing

Compatible with Microstream™, Capnostream™ and Oridion™ Capnography Monitors


SKU DescriptionSizeLengthQTY Price

ETCO2 Cannula

Adult7'25 $185.95

ETCO2 Cannula

Adult10'25 $204.95

ETCO2 Cannula

Adult14'25 $223.95

ETCO2 Cannula

Pediatric7'25 $234.95

ETCO2 Cannula

Adult7'25 $218.95

ETCO2 Cannula

Adult14'25 $264.95


  • Compatible with Microstream,™  Capnostream™ and Oridion™ capnography monitors
  • Dual nasal cannula simultaneously provides oxygen to both nostrils while obtaining CO2 sampling during spontaneous breathing
  • Strategically positioned holes deliver O2, and CO2 which are effectively captured through the nares and scoop
  • Designed to help lessen attenuation of the end tidal sample by oxygen dilution, particularly for mouth-breathing patients
  • Designed to prevent mixing of fresh oxygen with CO2
  • 3-Channel tubing prevents kinking
  • Adult and pediatric sizes in three tubing lengths
  • DEHP free
  • Filter integrated with reflective connector helps prevent moisture collection
  • Fits-All O2 connector comes standard on all sizes and lengths
  • Soft-Ears™ material ensures superior patient comfort, even during prolonged use


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