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Septal-H™ Neonatal Nasal Cannula Stabilization Device

Latex FreeDisposableNeonatal/Pediatric Sizing

Our Nasal Cannula Stabilization Device, specially designed to provide essential support for neonates undergoing respiratory therapy. Engineered with precision, this device effectively prevents nasal septum breakdown and cannula dislodgement, ensuring uninterrupted airflow and comfort for the tiniest patients.


SKU DescriptionSizeQTY Price

Septal-H Stabilizer

Premature80 $508.95

Septal-H Stabilizer

Premature20 $127.95

Septal-H Stabilizer

Neonatal20 $127.95

Septal-H Stabilizer

Infant80 $524.95

Septal-H Stabilizer

Infant20 $131.95


  • Nasal cannula stabilization device used to prevent nasal septum breakdown and cannula dislodgement in neonates
  • Uses the unique characteristics of a hydrocolloid matrix, rather than traditional adhesives, for skin-friendly adhesion and device stabilization
  • Supports typical nasal cannulas and many other nasal interface devices for neonates
  • Prevents epidermal stripping
  • No skin residue after removing
  • Allows easily repositioning of cannulas or tubes
  •  Available in 4 sizes


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