Mini Whiskers, Sticky Whiskers Hydrocolloid Securement

Latex FreeDisposable

Gentle Securement for Cannulas and Feeding Tubes


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Mini-Whiskers / <2000g

0.5" x 1.4"20 Pouches / 6 Whiskers, 12 Securement Loops per Pouch $92.95

Sticky Whiskers

0.436" x 3.5"25 Pouches / 1 Whisker, 2 Securement Loops per Pouch $59.95


  • Gentle securement for nasal cannulas and feeding tubes
  • Hydrocolloid material designed to provide gentle adhesion for 24-36 hours
  • Velcro strips keep help keep tubing in position, reduce skin friction and allow for repositioning as needed; securement loops packaged with both Whiskers
  • Mini-Whiskers™ exclusively designed for early-premature infants