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Infu-Surg Pressure Infusion Bag

Latex FreeDisposable

Trusted, Cost-Effective Pressure Infusion Bags that Clinicians Have Relied on For Decades


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Infu-Surg Pressure Infusion Bag

500 ml5 $72.95

Infu-Surg Pressure Infusion Bag

1000 ml5 $79.95

Infu-Surg Pressure Infusion Bag

3000 ml5 $133.95


  • Safe, high-quality, reliable device for intravenous and intra-arterial infusion treatment, including A-line pressure monitoring
  • Dedicated fluid bag hook enables efficient loading and unloading of the system without having to remove the infusion bag from the IV pole.
  • Pressure relief valve prevents over inflation (330 mmHg pressure relief)
  • Large, oval shaped bulb allows for quick and easy inflation of bladder
  • Single-handed inflation and deflation design makes it easy to use and requires minimal training
  • Suitable for use with external inflation sources
  • Color-coded gauge makes for accurate pressure monitoring (0-300 mmHg)
  • Three-way stopcock ensures precise control of pressure
  • Incredibly reliable – 100% tested
  • Loads quickly and easily
  • Also referenced as 950089904, 950194210, 950194310
  • Ethox Pressure Infusion IFU


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