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GreenLine Fiber Optic Miller/Port Blade

Latex FreeNonsterileNeonatal/Pediatric Sizing

Designed to Perform Laryngoscopy and
Intubation with Reduced Risk of Hypoxia


SKU DescriptionNumeric SizeSizeLengthHeightQTY Price

FO Miller/Port

0Neonate75 mm10 mm1 $89.95

FO Miller/Port

1Infant102 mm10 mm1 $89.95


  • Integrated tube permits delivery of oxygen or other
    gas mixtures during intubation
  • Soft, matte finish virtually eliminates reflection and glare
  • Compliant with ISO standard 7376
  • Green System compatible
  • Constructed of 303/304 surgical stainless steel
  • SunMed FO Blade IFU


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