Conventional Wisconsin American Profile Wis-Foregger Blade

Latex FreeNonsterileDEHP Free

Distal End is Wide and Formed to the Right, Helping to Effectively Lift Epiglottis


SKU DescriptionNumeric SizeSizeLengthHeightQTY Price

Conv Wis-Foregger

2Child135 mm17 mm1 $29.95

Conv Wis-Foregger

3Medium Adult162 mm18 mm1 $29.95

Conv Wis-Foregger

4Large Adult199 mm21 mm1 $29.95


  • Straight spatula design with flange that expands slightly toward the distal portion of the blade increases visual field helping to prevent potential trauma during intubation
  • Distal portion of the blade is wider and formed slightly to the right, making it well-adapted to lifting the epiglottis
  • Frosted lamp provides diffused illumination without shadows
  • Constructed of 303/304 surgical stainless steel
  • SunMed Conv Blade IFU


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