BritePro Solo Omni Disposable Macintosh Combination

Latex FreeSterileDisposable

Ready to Use, Straight From Sterile Packaging


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BritePro Solo Omni Mac Combo

110 $217.95

BritePro Solo Omni Mac Combo

210 $217.95

BritePro Solo Omni Mac Combo

310 $217.95

BritePro Solo Omni Mac Combo

410 $217.95


  • Pre-assembled blade and handle for instant use
  • Sterile packed, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination
  • In-pack-testing confirms light function without compromising sterility
  • Simply open, use, remove the batteries, and dispose
  • Super bright, cool, distally-located LED bulb delivers excellent visualization and our brightest light yet
  • Ultra-low profile blade reduces risk of dental trauma and provides additional space to maneuver the blade for the best view possible
  • Quick release mechanism in the reinforced block housing for easy battery removal, minimizing both pre-use and post-use handling, reducing cross-contamination risk
  • Clearly printed blade size and profile on handle base, and each blade is color coded for fast verification


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