SunStim Pro Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

Most Popular Nerve Stimulator Now with LED Display!


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  • Easy-to-read illuminated digital screen displays functionality
  • Clearly visible, finger-actuated front face controls
  • Ergonomic compact shape fits comfortably in hand
  • Removable silicone wrap enhances grip, protects device and available in a variety of colors
  • Stimulator output current is fully adjustable from 0-70 mA
  • Switch functions:
    ◦ Double burst: Two 60-ms bursts of 50 Hz separated by 0.75 s
    ◦ Twitch: 1 pulse per second
    ◦ Tetanus: 50 Hz (50 pulses/s) or 100 Hz (100 pulses/s)
    ◦  Built-in train of four: 4 pulses in a period of 2 seconds
    ◦ Stimulus pulse: square wave monophasic pulses (200-μs duration)
  • Standard battery: 9 volt alkaline
  • Includes gray silicone wrap
  • Nerve stimulator includes battery, ball electrodes, 6′ lead with clips (snap version sold separately)
  • Colorful silicone wraps sold separately
  • SunStimPro IFU