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Pressure Safe Comfort Soft Plus Cannula

Latex FreeDisposableNeonatal/Pediatric Sizing

Heated Humidification with Pressure-Limiting Pop-Off


SKU DescriptionSizeQTY Price

Pressure Safe CSP Cannula

Neonate10 $120.95

Pressure Safe CSP Cannula

Infant10 $120.95

Pressure Safe CSP Cannula

Large Infant10 $120.95


  • Provide the soft gentle touch of Comfort Soft Plus® Neonatal Cannulas to the smallest and most delicate patients – premature and full-term newborns
  • Pressure Safe™ Neonatal High Flow Nasal Cannula for heated humidification is the only neonatal HFNC with a built-in pressure-limiting pop-off feature
  • Softness and pliability of the material reduces interface pressure, practically eliminates frictional shear forces against the skin, and eliminates the need to utilize clumsy foam wraps and tape that may actually cause additional trauma
  • Preventative care avoids and reduces trauma, protects the skin’s immature barrier function and promotes skin integrity